This is a lifestyle blog! We have a beautiful life and a beautiful family. We are so much more then 2 Hearts, 1 Kitchen and more then Nook! We love our son, restaurants, cooking, traveling, DIY projects and just living. We were feeling a bit confined on our Business sites so here we are! This is where the fun is, this is where the life is! We hope you enjoy!



A Brief History

We met in culinary school in 2003, started dating in 2004 and moved to Hawaii that same year. We stayed in Hawaii for 2 years, then took everything that we earned and backpacked through Europe for 2 months. We live the life that we dream, we love each other deeply and don't take one moment for granted. 

Matt is, in one word, adventurous! Since I have so much more then one word for him I'll continue... He is smart, funny, witty, quiet, loving, kind, a clean freak, an amazing chef, and the best friend you could ever imagine. Shall I go on? He has a photographic memory, his sense of direction is that of a compass, he is strong, he makes me feel safe, he is special, he has the best smile.... so so much more! Matt is everything good in the world!- Nikki

Nikki is the one. The one that starts working from the moment her eyes open in the morning, the one with that personality that makes people fall in love with our story, the one that creates perfection with every utensil she picks up and the one that drives our dream forward everyday. She is the perfect person for every situation., the whole package if you will. She is the reason i push myself every moment I have, to give her what she has always given me. She is gorgeous, funny, talented, inspiring, loyal and anything you would want in the perfect person. She is everyones best friend, but she is mine most of all! -Matt

Henry our son, is a miracle, born at 23 weeks and 5 days, he is breaking molds and showing us all who's boss everyday. From the moment we laid eyes on him he stole our hearts. This blog was resurrected to share his birth story and to keep our family and friends updated on his progress. Right now he lives in NICU, but he will come home one day and we spend our days hanging out with him and getting his life set up for a seamless transition from incubator to nursery.