About Live and Dine Well

So here's what happened... try to  stay with me... We had a blog, "2 hearts, 1 Kitchen", it's were we posted recipes, and a few random lifestyle things, Nikki had a separate beauty blog "Gourmet Glitterati" (GG). We also have a catering company, "Paradise Palate", after about 6 years we began to grow, and change, so we decided to change the name of the business to "2 hearts, 1 Kitchen", it embodies exactly who we are and where we started. Once that decision was made, we hired someone to help us do this amazing re-branding for our business. The goal was to change our website from the home-made look that I had created (not very well), to a professional place that people could visit and look at our food and cakes and not feel like they were hiring children. So we ended up with a very professional site, but we lost the creative outlet that we wanted. So here we are, creating a new place to share our life, love and creativity. We have lost our original blog and we have taken down GG, so now we can streamline everything, Work has it's own place on the internet, and now, officially, so will all of the fun thing that we love to do, This blog will include things that make us happy together and separately!

We do Cakes.....

We met in culinary school in 2003, started dating in 2004 and moved to Hawaii that same year. We stayed in Hawaii for 2 years, then took everything that we earned and backpacked through Europe for 2 months. We live the life that we dream, we love each other deeply and don't take one moment for granted. 


We Cater and Cook....

Matt is, in one word, adventurous! Since I have so much more then one word for him I'll continue... He is smart, funny, witty, quiet, kind, a clean freak, an amazing chef, and the best friend you could ever imagine. Shall I go on? He has a photographic memory, his sense of direction is that of a compass, he is strong, he makes me feel safe, he is special, he has the best smile.... so so much more! Matt is everything good in the world!- Nikki


Nikki is the one. The one that starts working from the moment her eyes open in the morning, the one with that personality that makes people fall in love with our story, the one that creates perfection with every utensil she picks up and the one that drives our dream forward everyday. She is the perfect person for every situation., the whole package if you will. She is the reason i push myself every moment I have, to give her what she has always given me. She is gorgeous, funny, talented, inspiring, loyal and anything you would want in the perfect person. She is everyones best friend, but she is mine most of all! -Matt


Our relationship is top priority, we work together, live together and play together. We have worked very hard and continue to do so, to ensure that we can do the things that we love to do, on our own time. One of the most important things to us is travel, and we plan to see as much of the earth as possible while we are on it. Another thing we love is to create things, whether it be in the kitchen, the yard or inside, it's important that we continue to be inspired and to be inspiring. 


So what is this blog really about? It's about creating a beautiful life, anyway that we can, and capturing whatever that entails.