Dear Henry, our love story on your dads birthday!

Dear Henry, our love story on your dads birthday!

Well yesterday was actually his birthday but thats ok. 

Let's talk about Matt... If you know me, or you've heard of me then you know that I haven't been just "Nikki" for a while now. If you hear my name it's "Matt and Nikki". Thats because we aren't whole unless we are together. 

Here's the short version of our story...

When I first met Matt I knew that we were going to be best friends. In culinary school, in class he was so quiet, he never spoke up, he never drew attention to himself, he was so shy, but he was so so cute, so I did a lot of gawking from 2 seats behind him.  One night someone had a little house party and the whole class went... Matt and I ended up sitting on the floor in the living room talking... from that day forward we were inseparable. At first we were just friends... we hung out everyday, we talked on the phone, we would text throughout the only took me a few months to realize that it was more then that. So we began "dating"! We fell hard and fast, it was scary, we were so young. 

I told Matt when we were 18 that I wanted to marry him, he said "one day".

We moved to Hawaii together after culinary school for our externship. We lived in an 800 square foot apartment and we had prep cook jobs, neither of us made near $7/hour. We spent our days, on the beach, dreaming of the future. Once we saved enough money, and someone would give us a credit card, at 19 we made a tough decision to move off of Oahu, and leave our friends and new life behind, and we went backpacking through Europe for 8 weeks. 

Half way through the trip we met these people and we decided on a detour based off of their suggestion and ended up in the Czech republic. It was a cold, stormy, snowy day in Prague and we had spent the day exploring the wonders of the city, and meeting new friends. In the late afternoon, we wanted to run to the market to get some groceries. It was only a block or 2 away from where we were staying so we walked and it was freezing. In the middle of the road Matt stopped walking and he grabbed my hands. I remember everything, how his gloves felt, the look on his face, how he was wearing 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of socks, 2 coats and a sweater. He looked right into my eyes and said "I love you, I always have". I told him I loved him too (duh), I'd been waiting for this moment. I was overwhelmed with happiness.... I still am. 

After Europe we moved all over, we never had any money. We didn't care where we lived, or where we worked or how we were going to afford the vacations that we lived for. What Matt and I have is a true love story. 

He asked me to marry him on our 4 year anniversary, on kauai, at my favorite restaurant in the world, Dani's, we had dinner made by my favorite chef in the world, Chef Danny. We got married a year later on the same island. I'm actually living a dream. These are all such magical memories!

When we first moved to Hawaii, we were so young, but we were smart enough to hold on to each other. We knew that we would turn into adults together, and learn about life, we knew that we were molding each other for our future. Matt has never asked me to change, he has always been 100% supportive of my ideas, even when they fall apart. 

When I was a little girl, I dreamt of a big career. I didn't think about kids, I didn't think about a husband. I thought of a fancy job and lots of money. When I met Matt I wasn't looking for anything, I had my whole life ahead of me. BUT, It didn't take long for me to see that my whole life would be Matt. 

I believe that I am here on this earth for Matt and I believe that he is here for me. There is no love truer then ours and I'm grateful for him from the moment my eyes open in the morning to the second they close at night. I have never doubted our love, not for a second. 

Matt (A.P),

30 was a great year for us! We had a couple of scary moments, and life isn't always easy, but the year as a whole will never be forgotten. From Nook's first year success, to our new house, to finally getting pregnant, from San Fransico and GTR's, to cobs, and to finish off 30 with a bang we brought in our perfect 3rd wheel.

When we found out that Henry would be coming early, I was terrified. I didn't want to lose our baby and I didn't want to lose our outlook on life. You kept me sane, safe and comfortable over those 4 days. The scariest of my life. Thank you for being so wonderful to me, even in the darkest of days. 

When I dream, I dream of you. You are the perfect husband, and you are proving to be a wonderful dad.  Henry and I are so lucky to have you. I promise you that 31 is going to be the best of our lives! 

You are everything that I want in a partner in crime, marriage and parenting! I love you more then words,

Nikki (A.P)

Dear Henry, 84 days in the NICU.... so far

Dear Henry, 84 days in the NICU.... so far

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