Dear mom, Life with the big C...

Dear mom, Life with the big C...

Just to start this off... my mom is aware of this post. She didn't want to make her own post and ask anyone for anything. She doesn't want people to feel bad or sad for her. She didn't know how to tell people... so we've decided to do it together...

This is something I have honestly never even considered. 

When I really sit and think about it... I go completely blank. 

My dad called me a couple of weeks ago, on a Tuesday, and said that we needed to have a family meeting on Saturday at 4:30. We don't do family "meetings" often, and when we do it's because something is happening and it's usually not great news. 

That whole week Erin, Matt, Justin and I sent speculations back and forth. Finally Saturday came around... we all took seats and Justin started by saying "let's do this, whats going on?". My mom looked up at my dad with obvious concern in her eyes and said in 3 swift sentences.... "I'm really hungry, I have cancer.... who wants to go get pizza?"

My mom has grade 3 endometrial cancer. She will tell you not to google it. 

This is new to us. I don't have all of the answers, just a very little bit of information...

On March 15th, she will have a new fancy robotics surgery to remove her uterus, we are hoping that the cancer is contained 100% in there and with the surgery she will be cancer free. We won't know exactly whats going on inside there until after the surgery. A pathologist will be next to the surgeon, testing anything else that looks cancerous in and around the area. If they find anything else they will remove it. We will find out about chemo and radiation after the surgery. 

Pray for her. She won't ask for it, but we'd appreciate it if you did. 

She is strong. She will fight. She will win. 

Dear Mom, 

You are our sun and nothing can dim your light. I love you more then anything!


Dear Henry, your life in a helmet

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