Dear Mom, The results are in.

Dear Mom, The results are in.

It's been almost 3 weeks since my moms surgery, and yesterday we got the results we were waiting for.

Here's how the surgery went... they were able to get the uterus out in tact. Which means that the tumor was inside and they were able to remove the whole thing. Thats supposed to be the good news, but the day of the surgery the doctor said that there was some scar tissue on/around some lymph nodes. I don't know what that means, non of us did. They removed all of that and sent it in for testing to see if there was cancer on the outside of the uterus...Which is what we don't want. The doctor said that we should know on Tuesday... 2 Tuesdays passed when we got the results and they are good! But they are also bad. 


The results showed that the scar tissue did not have cancer on it, which is great! However, the biopsy of the tumor showed that the cancer that was there was much more aggressive then we thought, and even though it was removed there is a 50% chance of recurrence. If it recurs there is nothing the doctor can do and treatment isn't an option.

The doctor said that they can't say with 100% certainty that every single cancer cell was removed, or if any broke free, and because of that, the next step is chemo. She is to begin chemo on Monday morning, she will do 6 rounds, 1 every 3 weeks, followed by 4 months of radiation. 

This is just another part of her story, a chapter that we are in a hurry to get through. She will be sick, but not weak. If any of us has this fight in us, it's her. And while we might mourn the loss of trivial and vain things such as our hair, we welcome the poison to kill the bitch thats left inside. 

We are giving the family middle finger to Cancer... won't you join us?! 

Again we ask for positivity, light and prayers for my mom to keep her strength and her attitude light. We will beat this together!

With love, 


Dear mom, Life with the big C...

Dear mom, Life with the big C...