Dear Henry, Let me tell you about your nurses...

FYI...This post is more of an ode to nurses then an update on Henry... 

Before these past 3 weeks, I had never had any real long term contact with nurses or doctors in a hospital, like most people, a hospital has never been a hangout for me. I have a new found respect for nurses and not just any nurses. My nurses! 

In labor and delivery I had a new nurse every 12 hours, but I did have my favorite! Let's talk about Annie! Annie was my first nurse when I was in triage, she held my hand during my first epidural, during my amniocenteses. She was in the room while I cried for my unborn child and his life struggles to come, she cried with me when my cerclage was finished. I asked for her to stay with me whenever she was on shift, she became a friend. She has seen me at my absolute worst, at my lowest, naked, weak, scared, hungry and all of the nasty. She was one of the first to meet Henry, she is such a good person, and she was hilarious, smart and beautiful. Even though I was happy to be out of Labor and Delivery I found my self sad to leave Annie behind. She is so so good at her job, but it was more then that. 

Once I went to Mom and baby area, the personality of the nurses I had was blah. So being discharged, I didn't think twice about them... and I'm sure they didn't think twice about me.

On to NICU and Henry's nurses. Henry is a privilege to work with, that coming from his mother, but also from the fact that I know nurses want to work with such a tiny baby, I've overheard one of them say, that they want experience with a "23 weeker". So to some of them, he is someone to learn on, those are obviously not our favorites, and maybe I'd like to learn something on their kids (insert bitch face here). There are 2 nurses that I absolutely love.... Let's talk about Tara! Tara has a personality that just gets Me and Henry, she is as perfect as they get and so good for our little baby. She is knowledgeable, understanding, patient, kind, outspoken, funny and I feel like if there were soulmate nurses, she is Henry's. She isn't afraid of his size and she always puts Matt and I at ease with the way she lays out the information without sugar coating anything. She also cares, about all 3 of us, and I just love her. It's to a point where I'm there to hang out with Henry and love on Henry, but I also enjoy her company. Tara is day.... Mary is night... let me tell you about Mary! Mary is one of the nicest people I have ever met. 

Side note- I have this friend (Emily) she is so nice.... to everyone. She doesn't lie, she doesn't talk about people, she is always willing to listen, she is a very happy and loving person. When I first met her I thought she was fake.. surely no one is this nice, and with our personalities we didn't immediately click . Fast forward 7 years and she is just as nice and she is such a beautiful friend, I wouldn't give her up for anything. 

Mary is the Emily of the nursing world, and I just love her. She is so gentle and caring that when we leave Henry at night I am able to sleep without a worry, I know that Mary is comforting and taking care of Henry, as well as she would her own child. When Matt and I are sitting next to Henry's beside at the end of the evening Mary is there to answer any questions that we have, she explains perfectly what we can expect with Henry's care and she is just great all around support. Mary and I also have a similar background so talking to her is so easy and enjoyable. Oh and my parent love spending the evening chatting with Mary and just sitting next to Henry.

These are the types of people that make a difficult and challenging part of our story bearable. Thank god for nurses who comfort and care, especially Annie, Mary and Tara!  


Dear Henry, the results are in...

Dear Henry, the results are in...

Dear Henry, a scare and the day you had a brain scan.

Dear Henry, a scare and the day you had a brain scan.