Dear Henry, on your 3rd birthday

Dear Henry, on your 3rd birthday

let’s all just take a pause and think back to this day 3 years ago. What a whirlwind. I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated everyone on Henry and life and I thought today was the perfect time! Today Henry is officially a 3 year old!! Yay!


I have thought about posting a blog a lot, but I feel a little strange about it. Nothing is wrong, and while I’ve loved my blog, I’ve always used it as an escape for the tough times. Does anyone care anymore now that we are just a regular family? I’m not sure but I think maybe I need to put up some happy things and its always a nice reminder of what a miracle this little boy is to all of us. So here it is!

Henry is in excellent health, he hasn’t been back to the hospital since he was discharged from the NICU. All of his check ups show that he’s a tiny guy but he is healthy and perfectly proportioned. He does have a speech delay, in that he does not speak at all. But with the insane original odds (10 percent chance of survival with an 80 percent change that if he was to survive he would be severely handicapped) I’ll take the perfect, yet quiet toddler that he is. We go to speech therapy twice a week and he has been working on sign language and communicating in other non verbal ways. The doctors are confident that its a delay and not lifelong, thats what we are all hoping. To continue to rule things out, Henry will be tested for autism in early 2020, the waiting list is insane. I personally don’t think it’s autism, but if it is then we will take that and run with it like we have everything else.

Henry starts preschool in August, he has an individual education plan in place to give him the support he needs! We are all hoping that being around other kids his age will help him to become more vocal.


He loves cars, dirt, snacks, hugs, his wub, the Incredibles, family time and playing, lots and lots of playing.


More then any other day, today, on his birthday I like to think about how it all began, and even though It’s difficult for me to think about those first scary months, and sometimes it’s hard to remember how it felt at all, it’s important to reminisce. every year is a reminder of how strong we all are and how many people we have on our side. I will never forget the community that was created just by Henry’s existence, and I’m still so thankful to everyone who has always been there for us! I’m proud of the family that we have become and especially of the little boy that Henry has grown in to. He is sweet, kind, loving and playful. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect baby!


To end-


Happy birthday sweet boy! You have made me the happiest mom in the world, I love you more then I ever thought possible. 2 was so much fun and I think 3 is going to be even better. You dad and I are so lucky that we get to call you ours! Now I’m ready for you to wake up from your nap so we can play the day away!




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